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We are a small team of unique creators hell bent on delivering the best products to our customers and players. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we at Half Pixel Studios have an insatiable drive and passion for all things casino, making top-quality and engaging slots—the kind of slots that WE would want to play!

Our main goal is simple, we want to entertain the world with our creations!


Bringing unforgettable gaming entertainment to every player, everywhere.



Our values serve as a guiding light in our approach to game design, teamwork and in collaboration with our partners. In short, they make up who we are – one pixel at a time.


We work smarter AND harder to make sure our partners and players get quality entertainment on every single spin. Our passion and talent combine with our deep desire for effective construction, ensuring not only spectacular games, but skilled delivery with each and every game.


Our passion for creating beautiful, engaging, and entertaining player experiences is driven by our pride and the high standards we have set for ourselves as a team, as individuals and for the products we create. We are proud to put our name to every game we deliver to our partners and players — ensuring that the quality of our games is perfect, down to the very last pixel.


Nothing great is created in isolation, which is why teamwork is at the core of our values at Half Pixel Studios. Built on trust and support, we have each other’s backs no matter what challenge we face—and this extends to our many long and established partners as well.



Interested yet? Send us an email and one of our Pixels will get back to you!

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